Nashville and I were not fast friends when it comes to food. A few years ago, my first dinner out I was grateful to find something on the homestyle menu that wasn’t fried, asked for “no sauce please” and crossed my fingers that there wouldn’t be any surprises. I eyeballed a dry pork chop and some veggies stewed within an inch of their life and wondered how the population had escaped scurvy. But, the food scene is growing up, demand for fresh veggies & pastured eggs is on the rise and suddenly little GF symbols are popping up on menus everywhere. Hallelujah!

Should you find yourself traveling to Nashville suburb Franklin, rest assured you will not go hungry. Here are a few suggestions:

Tupelo Honey Cafe

gluten free travel franklin tnThis gem of a chain restaurant won my heart with it’s celtic sea salt grinders at each table, not to mention responsibly sourced, vegetable-forward menu. I was so happy with my trout, kale salad and mashed sweet potatoes, that I went back again the next day and loved the beet & mixed green salad. The menu is labeled with GF options and the staff let me know that the kitchen has procedures in place to change their gloves, etc. What more can I ask??

Mellow Mushroom Pizza

Gourmet toppings and a GF crust prepped in a separate area and cooked on its own pan = happy gluten-free pizza eater. I got a tip to go here from a couple that came to one of the classes I taught at Westhaven University and was thrilled with the mushroom and garlic medley on the Holy Shiitake Pie!

Brixx Pizza

Ahh, another chain… furthering my hypothesis that it is generally safer to visit chain restaurants in the central U.S. when seeking a gluten-free menu. Nevertheless, high-five for a pizza cooked on a pie pan and a selection of tasty salads.

BB Bar-B-Que

bb barb q

A take-out place off of New Highway 96 W in Franklin.

Pick up BBQ chicken, pork or brisket by the pound and take it home to your own sides & sauce (don’t know if their sauce is GF). At least it makes for a quick dinner!



Puckett’s Boathouse (recommended with hesitation)

They do have several items marked GF that should reasonably be so, but double check with the waiter that they don’t accidentally add hushpuppies or croutons or something. Though the menu was marked, I am not sure the waiter didn’t think GF= great food (he was REALLY polite though, so I can’t hold it against him). The catfish & grits were tasty – The bonus hushpuppy stayed perched on the side 🙂

Next time I visit, I’ll make it a point to head up to Nashville’s Sunflower Cafe, reputed to have a fresh & healthy menu including many gluten-free options!

Have you been to one of these places? Have any other recommendations? Be sure to share in the comments below 🙂

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