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    Have you exhausted all the "go-to" migraine treatments?
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    Do migraines ruin your social life and make it hard to focus at work? 
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    ​Are you tired of stacking over-the-counter painkillers to get relief?
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    Are you searching for solutions you can implement immediately?

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Erin Knight, MS, FDN-P

About the creator:

Erin Knight helps professional women who desire natural, root-cause solutions providing freedom from chronic migraines.

Her 4-step Migraine Freedom plan is your blueprint to experience a dramatic increase in productivity and start participating in life again. 

Before creating systems for healthy living, Erin led cross-functional teams for industry-leading companies including Amgen and L’Oreal to optimize processes and train hundreds of employees to execute efficiently on complex new systems.

She helps you think like an engineer and make systematic upgrades to your nutrition and lifestyle so that you are consistently moving in the right direction!


 Bellevue WA 


I love working with Erin, and have had a chance to do that in a number of different capacities.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the classes I’ve taken from her…she studies her subject matter thoroughly and shares it in a manner that is easily understood and practical to implement. And I especially love having ‘health’ conversations with her as I always walk away with a new thought about being healthier, having more energy and improving my overall wellness.


 Nashville, TN 


The tips in this ebook are way beyond the usual methods I've tried like taking an excedrin and using heat/ice. I especially thought some of the breathing exercises and essential oils were interesting and have been helping. 

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