HIDDEN STRESS according to Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®

HIDDEN STRESS according to Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®

What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®?

A functional nutrition approach starts with a search for hidden internal stressors that are blocking your body’s systems from functioning as designed. Once healing opportunities in the hormone, immune, digestion and detoxification systems have been identified and addressed, symptoms and many chronic health concerns resolve naturally.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® practitioners are trained to partner with clients and teach them a model of self-care that includes therapeutic diets, quality sleep and rest, appropriate exercise, stress-reduction tools and strategies and targeted supplementation.




I don’t know about you, but before I seek help from someone I wonder three things:

1. Do you know what is wrong with me?

Yes, symptoms are a signal that your body is coping with an underlying malfunction. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® practitioners are trained to identify these often hidden healing opportunities using state-of-the-art functional lab testing. I engage my clients in a all-natural protocol to deal with the root causes of your health complaints.

2. Can you help me?

Yes, as long as you are as committed to restoring your health as I am. FDN’s proven protocols target the healing opportunities that we identify together and work deeper than just treating symptoms. It takes time and often a few lifestyle changes to repair and restore normal function to cells, organs and systems. It is exciting to know that it is possible to regain function instead of having to deal with a symptom for the rest of your life.

3. Have you helped others like me?

FDNLogoSquareYes! There are over 1000 Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioners in 30 countries helping thousands and thousands of people achieve the best level of health in many years. Understanding what is going on at a causal level is so powerful, many clients have completely resolved their health complaints, even if they were previously diagnosed with serious medical conditions. Learn more about Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® here:  www.functionaldiagnosticnutrition.com.

Our goal will be to improve your:


In-depth Health Evaluation

During the first few meetings with me as your Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner we will discuss your current health status as well as your history, wellness goals, nutrition and any current medications and supplements you are taking. These are comprehensive discussions, so you are urged to spend some time prior to our meetings to make a list of questions, concerns and observations about your health. We have detailed intake forms to help you set a baseline for your health that we will use to measure progress as you implement your protocol.

Based on our discussions, I will recommend certain functional lab testing, which may include saliva, urine, hair, blood, or stool samples. We can ship the test kits to you so you can complete most of them in the convenience of your own home. The lab results will provide us with a current and thorough assessment of how your body’s systems are functioning.

Consultations with me as your Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner are via phone or Skype, Google HangOuts, FaceTime, ooVoo, or another platform if you are more comfortable with that. Either way you are welcome to wear your pajamas.

Our starting point: The Adrenal Stress Profile (saliva)

After we are up to speed on your health status and goals, the starting point for FDN is typically to measure your steroidal hormones including cortisol, DHEA, testosterone, estrogens, progesterone and melatonin. The patterns and ratios between these key hormones will give us a lot of clues about your chronic stress level and what might be malfunctioning. Many common health complaints are directly linked to steroidal hormone balance and chronic stress. I am especially passionate about troubleshooting the following as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner:

  • Low energy and foggy thinking
  • Feeling “tired but wired” 
  • Migraine headaches
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Itchy or inflamed skin

Complaints like this are multi-faceted and not easily solved with a pill or a cream. We will put our detective hats on together and trace the root cause back to imbalances in the hormone, immune, detoxification and digestive systems. As we uncover healing opportunities, I will set you up with tools to get you on a path to build radiant health from the inside out.

For more info on this lab and the other common labs we use, check out these brief videos:

Functional Adrenal Stress Profile (BH205)

Metabolic Assessment Profile (BH101)

GI Pathogen Screen (BH401)

Food Sensitivity Mediator Release Test (MRT)

Ready to look deeper than your symptoms and discover your healing opportunities?

My six- and nine-month packages include:

  • The intake session
  • Dispensing of labs
  • Results and recommendations session(s)
  • Diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation protocol and follow up consultations
  • Unlimited email support
  • Re-testing

You will be responsible for the lab fees, paid directly to the lab.

By nature, FDN is an opt-in model of self-care and requires a high degree of individual commitment. Let’s talk and see if this kind of detective work with a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner is a good fit for you right now.

Tired of chasing symptoms?

Learn how to get well and stay well naturally!

Schedule no-obligation 20-min call

If you are curious what is entailed in setting up your customized D.R.E.S.S. protocol, click through the tabs below:

Functional nutrition includes three principles:

  • Every body is unique – Find out if you need to eat more fat & protein or more carbs!
  • We need to remove foods that are stressing our system (some are temporary)
  • It is better to crowd-out the bad with the good instead of feeling deprived (no starvation diets here!)

We will:

  • Focus on quality then quantity
  • Troubleshoot the factors keeping you from a good night’s rest together
  • Find solutions that match your lifestyle (Tired of reading another magazine article that suggests you unwind with a bath every evening?)

Our goals for movement will be to:

  • Find that Goldilocks “justtt right” amount of exercise (yes, there is too much of a good thing)
  • Establish your long-term goals (I want to be hiking and doing headstands when I am 80)

As we continue to hunt for internal stressors, you will learn to:

  • Fit quick and effective stress-reduction techniques into your busy workday
  • Get as high-tech or low-tech as you are inclined with stress reduction
  • Identify some of the environmental stressors that may be impacting your health

Supplementation is useful when it is compensating for:

  • Poor digestion and absorption (should be temporary)
  • Imbalances in the body’s systems that need a boost in the right direction (should be temporary)
  • Our depleted-soils and sad state of modern agriculture (I can only hope this is temporary insanity)


Disclaimer! All services provided by Erin and Engineering Radiance are educational in nature and not intended to diagnose or treat diseases or take the place of medical care with your doctors. Recommended protocols are intended to be used as part of an opt-in, self-care model where the client is taking active responsibility for improving his or her health and vitality.

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