Ultimate Migraine Relief Course

Stop a Migraine in 5 Easy Steps

  • Are you desperate to get a handle on your migraine pain and wish you could find natural techniques that actually work? 

  • Sick of hearing how magnesium and essential oils changed your friend's life when they have done nothing for you?

In this 2-hour online course you will:

  • Learn to quickly soothe the nervous system using essential oils, self-massage techniques and a few targeted supplements.
  • Understand the reasons natural methods often fail and how you can apply them in the right combination to get major relief.
  • check
    Build your own Migraine Relief Checklist to follow when your brain goes foggy.
  • Know exactly what to do before, during and after a migraine to minimize the time that you are out of commission.
  • Get the same guidance and winning strategies our Migraine Freedom coaching clients use to beat migraines in a few easy steps.

Included in this course are:

  • 22 coaching videos from Erin and the Migraine Freedom coaching team
  • A printable checklist with all of the relief methods you learn in the course 
  • Lifetime Access - Get updates as we add new how-to videos

I signed up because some of the items on the relief checklist were new to me and I wanted to know how to use them and the video library is perfect - short and to the point. Now I've started using binaural beats, ginger caps and PastTense oil when I start to feel a migraine coming and I have hardly had to take my Imitrex. There's still lots to learn too!

Jessica B.

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Myofascial Release Sequence for Migraine Prevention - $50 value!

Release tight fascia that builds up from stress and time on our devices with Migraine Freedom Coach Karen Dubs. EVERYONE - men, women, migraine sufferers and non-migraine sufferers alike - needs to know this stuff!

Sneaky Food Ingredients That Trigger Migraines - $27 value!

Learn what neuroinflammatory food additives everyone with migraines needs to avoid in this guide written by Mira Dessy, The Ingredient Guru. 

Autoimmune Blueprint - $25 value!

Did you know that migraines are often an alarm bell for autoimmunity? Functional medicine and women's health specialist Dr. Keesha Ewers shares why and what to do about it.

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Your Instructor, Erin

Erin Knight, founder of Engineering Radiance, believes that no one should miss out on life because of headaches, pain or fatigue. Erin has her Masters in Pharmaceutical Engineering from the University of Michigan and advanced training in functional nutrition and nutrigenomics. 

She suffered from debilitating migraines for over a decade before uncovering the underlying biochemical causes and went on to reverse engineer what worked. This led to the development of her 4-step Migraine Freedom process that is now a blueprint for thousands of people looking for root-cause solutions to their migraine pain. 

After traveling the world as a sought after process improvement and training consultant, Erin left the pharmaceutical industry to help people realize vibrant health by thinking about their bodies like an engineer. In this course she shows you how to apply the same engineering systems and strategic approach that will finally help you get results from simple, natural relief techniques.

Best Value!

Because there is so much to learn, going through this process of customizing a migraine relief plan usually takes 3 or more coaching sessions.

Although we are happy to work with you 1:1 if you get stuck, by taking this course first, you can save about 500$ while you learn the foundations, the strategies PLUS you'll always have these 2-5min how-to videos to refer back to. 

Questions? Just email us at info@engineeringradiance.com . 


Megan felt backed into a corner. She hated needles and the idea of having surgery, but having gotten nowhere with prescription migraine drugs and finding that the preventative drugs left her groggy and dealing with GI distress, she was almost ready to try Botox or even the implanted device her doctor had suggested may help. 

Desperate and at her wits end after trying everything under the sun recommended for migraines, she decided to take a chance and enroll in the Migraine Freedom coaching program. 

In her first few sessions she was surprised to learn that by layering natural relief techniques in a certain way, using some she had already tried and some that were new to her, she developed a game plan that reliably could stop a migraine or at least knock it down to something tolerable so she didn't have to call in sick (again). 

The first time it worked, she called - so excited - "I have good news, I tried our lasted combination yesterday when I felt a migraine starting to come and it never came!!" 

She was surprised... we were not :)

Megan's story is fairly typical... it takes a little experimenting, but when you know what levers to adjust and how to strategically apply natural relief techniques and anti-inflammatories like ginger, essential oils, breathing exercises and so on... it isn't magic. It's just a method.

Try it, risk free!

Try this online course and our methods risk free for 30-days and if you do not feel as though you've learned a better migraine relief strategy, just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Stop living life on the sidelines - discover Freedom from Migraines and start participating in the life you dream of.

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5 Steps to Stop A Migraine