Get clear about your next 1-2 steps towards Migraine Freedom with a strategy session with one of our trained coaches! 20-minutes for just 20$ 

You are a busy professional. Let’s make this easy.


We’ve been there, working overtime at the office and trying to manage our health at the same time. We know that sometimes extra appointments can feel like a chore when the last thing you need is more stress. To keep things straightforward and practical for where you are at on your journey we are constantly streamlining our processes to be more user-friendly.

We Work With Your Busy Lifestyle:

  • Virtual meetings with your dedicated Migraine Freedom™  Coach
  • Schedule online – and on your schedule! Lunch break, evening and weekend appointments available.
  • Test kits ship to your address
  • Complete most tests in the comfort of your home
  • Realistic action plans and natural migraine remedies tailored to fit your lifestyle
  • Interface online between meetings for feedback & accountability
  • Hassle-free supplement orders through FullScript

When you work with our team, you will:

  • Go beyond the symptoms to find the root causes of your migraine or other health issues
  • Use data to guide your health-building program
  • Learn about the interdependence of your hormone, immune, digestion and detoxification systems
  • Shoot for consistent progress in migraine remedies instead of waiting for perfection
  • Get results with strategies that fit in your day-to-day life
  • Become a pro at managing your self-care for life-long radiant wellness

Available Health Coaching Services

Questions? Let’s hop on the phone…

Stephanie Cut Her Migraine Days

from 10-12/mo to 1-3/mo in just a few months! 

Neha’s Health Coaching Story


Erin is an outstanding coach who utilizes engineering skills to help people achieve their goals. She was phenomenal working with me. Listening and tuning into the crux of the situation, she provided insightful feedback in a constructive way. If you want results, this is who to work with.

Lisa N.

Marketing Manager

Erin is a wealth of information. One we week, we were talking about heart-rate variability training and the next week she helped me decide between a juicer and a blender! I like that she always sends follow up resources and articles, so that I can read more on my own.

Joanna M.

Branch Manager

Erin explains complex topics like adrenal health clearly and stays on point. She clearly knows her stuff. At the same time, she is deeply empathetic and passionate about helping people feel their best.

Sandra P.

Mortgage Loan Processor

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