Hi, I’m Erin Knight. I founded Engineering Radiance to help professional women who desire natural, root-cause solutions providing freedom from chronic migraines. My 4-step Migraine Recovery plan is your blueprint to experience a dramatic increase in productivity and start participating in life again. I love teaching you how to think about your headaches like a problem-solving engineer so you can get lasting relief and focus on the things that bring you joy. 

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How does someone go from being a sought-after consultant on system design, training and human performance to building a team specializing in helping women overcome migraine headaches?


You could say that I was born with a mind to create systems. Before I started created systems around living a healthy lifestyle, I led cross-functional teams for industry-leading companies including Amgen and L’Oreal to optimize processes and train hundreds of employees to execute efficiently on complex new systems.

In university and early in my career, I was silently struggling with chronic migraines, something that I had watched my mother struggle with when I was young. After years of overtime and business travel, my body was worn and tired and at only 27 years old, I didn’t feel good.

When my symptoms escalated to chronic radiating pain and fatigue, my body finally got my attention and I started to apply all that I knew about systems and troubleshooting to my own health.

The results were astonishing.

Not only do now I have more energy than I ever did in my 20s but I no longer have to worry about avoiding migraine triggers because I am just not very sensitive anymore. That was the ultimate freedom for me!

migraine neurologistOnce, I saw how these systems turned my own health around, I knew that I wanted to give others the ability to heal their bodies holistically. I drew on my extensive experience with curriculum development and training program design and I started to apply it to those who wanted to discover the root cause of their health issues and have a proven system to heal their bodies.

My company, Engineering Radiance delivers programs and training to those who want a proven systematic approach that works. I believe that each person with the right tools can be empowered to think like an engineer, find the root cause of their problems and discover the best solution. It’s been my experience that once people have the tools and a method to follow, they will come up with ingenious solutions and be more enthusiastic to implement them.

In our health coaching programs, my team of Functional Migraine coaches teach our clients things like how to measure improvements and slowly add in supplements, so they can take ownership of the process and the changes.

I have found that whether it is a large corporation integrating a new procedure or an individual integrating new habits that we are more likely to stick with a solution that we have a part in creating. It is human nature to be more receptive to a new habit that we create ourselves than to be given one by someone else. The key to long-term results is that you have your personal touch in the creation of new healthy routines that easily fit into your specific lifestyle. Are you ready to discover the freedom to thrive?

Our Future Without Migraines

(a.k.a. what I dream of every day)


Once upon a time, there was an epidemic of women watching life pass them by as they huddled in dark, quiet rooms suffering with migraines.

Everyday, these women worried about whether that next big migraine would strike at the most inopportune time – before an important presentation or on that hard earned vacation.

One day, we realized that it is possible to build resilience to our migraine triggers, by restoring health at a deep, functional level.

Because of that, we no longer had to fear thunderstorms, challenging schedules or missing out on another big party.

Because of that, we were able to show up fully at work and with our friends and family, no longer having to make excuses for being tired or in pain.

Because of that, our relationships improved, we were able to take on an exciting new project at work, and we were left with enough free time and energy to take up salsa dancing again.

Until finally, the migraines became a distant memory, we stopped counting the days until retirement and life felt full.