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4 Tips for Using an Infrared Sauna If You Get Migraines

If you suffer from migraine pain, you’re not alone and there are many underlying causes that can lead to recurring migraine pain. One common cause is an accumulation of toxins in our tissues that strain the liver and can cause too much inflammation in the body....

A Different Way To Look At Stress

Guest Blog by Aaron Kapin, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner I want to offer a different way of looking at stress. The most common model for stress is that stress is a ‘thing’ that bothers you- it’s a tension that either comes from outside of you, from having a busy...

Migraines and Nighttime Snacking

The relationship between fasting and headaches has long been studied and most of us know from personal experience that missing meals can be a major migraine trigger. A fasting headache most often presents as a non-throbbing, mild to moderate pain localized...

Are Migraines Caused by EMFs From Your Cell Phone?

Cell phones are a staple in today’s culture. There is always some new tweet to read, a photo to post, a friend to communicate with, or game to play that people are rarely seen without their phones. It’s fairly common to hear people mention that they would...

6 Medications that Make Migraines Worse

A migraine is more than just a headache, and a headache is more than a sharp, throbbing pain in the head or neck. While the sensation is experienced in this localized area of our bodies, it is a symptom of dysfunction elsewhere in the body. A migraine is a...

Homeopathy for Migraines

Guest Blog By: Mark Canadic, Registered Homeopath and founder of Migraine Professional Migraines can make it seem like our body has it in for us. I had the same feeling, like all these things were going wrong on purpose because my body hated me or I deserved it. Then...

Detect early signs of migraine attacks using wearable sensors #futuretech

Is possible to detect migraine attacks before they happen? If you could know when you were about to have a migraine attack before you actually have one, you could take preventive measures to either prevent it from happening or to shorten the length of your migraine...

What Causes Migraines at Night?

While sleeping off a headache or migraine is the key to relief for many, we hear from many clients who wake up in the middle of the night with migraine headaches. It is unfortunate when migraineurs are unable to seek refuge in the comfort of their own bed when...

Kerri Discovers Freedom From Overwhelm and Freedom From Migraines

Are you buried in obligations? Racing just to keep up? Do you ever crave a morning to yourself, but feel guilty to even think about canceling on a commitment? It's not easy to step off the hamster wheel of "busy and overwhelmed" but today we are celebrating our client...

Hormonal Headaches Caused By High Beta-glucuronidase

Are you bothered by incessant headaches and frustrated by a lack of long-term relief? When was the last time you had your hormone metabolite levels checked? How about your Beta-glucuronidase? Beta what?? Beta-glucuronidase is an enzyme that can essentially release...


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