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A Different Way To Look At Stress

Guest Blog by Aaron Kapin, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner I want to offer a different way of looking at stress. The most common model for stress is that stress is a ‘thing’ that bothers you- it’s a tension that either comes from outside of you, from...

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Migraines and Nighttime Snacking

The relationship between fasting and headaches has long been studied and most of us know from personal experience that missing meals can be a major migraine trigger. A fasting headache most often presents as a non-throbbing, mild to moderate pain localized...

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Are Migraines Caused by EMFs From Your Cell Phone?

Cell phones are a staple in today’s culture. There is always some new tweet to read, a photo to post, a friend to communicate with, or game to play that people are rarely seen without their phones. It’s fairly common to hear people mention that they would...

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