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Erin Knight, Founder and CEO

Erin Knight, founder of Engineering Radiance and creator of the Migraine Freedom™ process, believes that no one should miss out on life because of migraine headaches. Erin has her Masters in Pharmaceutical Engineering from the University of Michigan and advanced training in functional nutrition and nutrigenomics. She suffered from debilitating migraines for over a decade before uncovering the underlying biochemical causes and went on to reverse engineer what worked. This led to the development of her 4-step Migraine Freedom process that is now a blueprint for thousands of people looking for root-cause solutions to their migraine pain.

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Five words to describe Erin’s style: Patient, determined, caring, individualized, passionate.

Simply put Erin! She is just amazing to work with. Very knowledgeable, patient and has lots of empathy. She takes her time, responds to each email and tailors her recommendations to the individual. If more health practitioners could only be like Erin, we would be in a much better health status. I have hope again for my chronic migraines that I’ve had for 20 years. I hope to find relief and that alone is a lot.

Hind Roubos


Marta Taylor – Migraine Freedom™ Health Coach

Marta Taylor helps clients implement and integrate the diet and lifestyle upgrades that are part of the Migraine Freedom™ process. You may recognize Marta as one of the hosts of the 2017 Chronic Headache and Migraine Summit and the Living Limitlessly podcast, where she’s interviewed over 30 of the world’s cutting-edge experts in holistic health and biohacking like Dave Asprey, Wim Hof and Bill Harris.

Not only a fountain of knowledge, Marta is a certified Life Coach and has 20 years of experience in the corporate world as a Learning and Development specialist and project manager, giving her an edge in helping clients balance their health with the demands of a corporate career.

She started experiencing excruciating migraines in 2009, and after making the rounds of exams and appointments with doctors who couldn’t offer relief or answers, she took matters into her own hand and began experimenting with different ways to get relief. She was able to reduce the severity and frequency but still something wasn’t quite right. The migraines themselves weren’t a root cause. After more investigation and digging, she realized she had severe gut health issues that she is still working through today. Through her own journey and experiences Marta has become an amazing resource to guide others just starting on their own investigations.

Five words to describe Marta’s style: Straightforward, Action-oriented, Humorous, Practical, Insightful

Marta was easy to talk with, likable and non-judgemental. She’s had her own struggles with migraines, so she could understand what I am going through. The advice and accountability I got during my 6 coaching sessions was extremely helpful. I am already having fewer migraine headaches!

Mary C


Karen Dubs – Migraine Freedom™ Health Coach

Karen Dubs helps clients implement and integrate the diet and lifestyle upgrades that are part of the Migraine Freedom™ process.

Karen is an INN certified Health Coach and registered yoga teacher with 30 years in the health and fitness industry working with everyone from professional and Olympic athletes to busy professionals. She’s also the author of “Find Your Flexible Warrior.”

Karen’s experienced headaches since a teenager, including severe migraines that landed her in the ER. She’s worked through Hashimoto’s and Lyme disease that forced her to become a self-care expert and advocate. An anti-inflammatory diet, essential oils and myofascial release techniques made such a difference in her migraine headaches that she’s passionate about helping you implement these changes as well.

Five words to describe Karen’s style: Empathetic, Gentle, Encouraging, Patient and Balanced.

I knew I should practice self-care and eat better but I never actually did it… until I worked with Karen. She is all about “progress not perfection” and that was such a good fit for my busy life. Learning how to approach my self-care with a sense of calm, balance and acceptance was as beneficial as learning about the superfoods that ‘fuel my prana’. I am proud of myself for making these positive changes in my lifestyle.

Katie Heyl

Running Coach & Busy Mom

Sabine Signori – Migraine Freedom™ Health Coach 

Sabine Signori, FDN-P helps clients implement and integrate the diet and lifestyle upgrades that are part of the Migraine Freedom™ process and provides consultations on the DUTCH Hormone test, GI-MAP gut pathogen test, Organic Acids, Blood Chemistry.

After a 26 year career as a Physical Education Teacher as well as a Gym and Group Fitness Instructor in Health Clubs in Australia, Sabine found that functional nutrition was the missing link to truly help people reach their health goals. She graduated as an Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner in 2012 and in 2014 took on the role of FDN Course mentor for the Australasia region, where she developed extensive experience running and explaining labs and healing protocols. She is also currently undertaking studies to complete her Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine.

Five words to describe Sabine’s style: Empathetic, caring, passionate, practical, energetic.

Robby Gustin, PhD, FDN-P – Functional Nutrition Consultant (Lab Wizard)

Robby Gustin, PhD, FDN-P, is a certified Functional Diagnostic® Nutrition Practitioner, Level 2 Crossfit coach and certified Whole30 Coach as well as our resident Lab Wizard here at Engineering Radiance. He received his B.A. from Columbia University, and his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame and has done extensive advanced training in functional labs for hormones, gut health, nutrigenomics and more.

While in graduate school Robby was diagnosed with Graves’ disease (autoimmune hyperthyroidism), and it was the experience of naturally healing that condition that made him want to be a health coach full-time who could help others reclaim their health.

Robby knows that one of most powerful tools for reclaiming health is getting your lifestyle in order. This means adopting a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, proper amounts of exercise, and lots of mindfulness/stress reduction. Robby has seen first-hand how these simple (but not easy) changes to one’s life can make a huge difference to one’s overall health and life.

Five words to describe Robby’s Style: Smart, practical, detailed, energetic, tailored

I was impressed with the level of insight and knowledge Robby had when he took me through the results of my DUTCH lab test. He was able to explain things in a way that captured the complexity of what we were looking at but that enabled me to better understand what I was dealing with and what we should focus on.

Corena C.


Client Happiness Team

We are dedicated to helping you find answers and the tools you need for success. If there is anything you are stuck on or need help with please contact us at

We recommend getting started with an in-depth case review with one of our amazing Migraine Freedom™ coaches. This session is designed for people who have already been to many practitioners and tried out many solutions, because typically by the time someone finds us they feel like they’ve really exhausted their options. And yet – we always come up with clear next steps together! Schedule your “I’ve Tried Everything Case Review” today to get on the path to fewer headaches.

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