Meal Planning Tools For Real Life

Are you grabbing take out more than you’d like these days because… well… who has time to cook?

Is your freezer stocked with microwave meals that you know aren’t really the best thing for you?

You are not alone… in fact, a majority of our new clients are struggling to eat as well as they would like to – because on top of being busy with work and life like everyone else, having migraines even once or twice a month robs us of SO much time and energy.

I get the struggle and used to try to help by writing freezer meal plans for clients so that they could stock their freezers and always have some goodness on hand for the busy days or the days they weren’t feeling well enough to cook.

But Tom didn’t like cilantro and Susanna had a food processor but no blender… Kelly likes to shop on Friday after work and Megan goes Sunday morning.

On top of having slightly different versions of what a “good diet” looks like for them, everyone has little unique things about how they shop and cook – that’s why set-in-stone 14-day meal plans really don’t work.

How many times in your life have you picked a diet plan and tried to stick with it for a few weeks or even 30 days…?

Did you make it past 30 days?

That kind of thing is not sustainable! We’ve all been there…

The first time I got into Real Plans and poked around, I knew my meal plan writing days were OVER.

If you know me at all, you know my engineer-self LOVES smart systems, optimized processes, efficiency…Real Plans blew me away. Their website and mobile app are SO well-designed that it is going to save you a whole lot of time and hassle.

Eating home-cooked, anti-inflammatory meals is suddenly feasible.

With Real Plans, in less time than it takes to catch up on your Facebook feed, you can:

  • Customize your profile for any ingredients you want to avoid, how much time you want to spend in the kitchen and what equipment you have at your disposal
  • Drag and drop meals around your schedule for the week
  • Adjust the portions so you have just enough leftovers
  • Pull in recipes from awesome bloggers like NomNomPaleo so you never get bored
  • Generate shopping lists and check off ingredients you already have in the pantry

BAM! No excuses…

I’d venture to say having Real Plans set up makes it easier to delegate, too – whether that means sending your spouse to the store or having your teenager learn to follow recipes – having a system and routine in place is life-changing.

Something this amazing has to be expensive, right?

On an annual plan, you will pay as little as $6/month!

You know how they say eating celery is like eating negative calories because you burn more chewing it than are in the celery? 6$/month for RealPlans is like that because of how much time and money it is going to save you each week.

Let’s take a quick tour. Here’s my drag-and-drop meal plan for the week:

One of the really cool features that make Real Plans unique is a dynamic timeline that helps you get a handle on things like defrosting the chicken:

Dynamic shopping lists, organized by part of the store that update when you check off ingredients you already have.

Plus Instacart integration if you reallllly need to be efficient and have groceries delivered!!

Quick start guides to help you get in the routine of meal prepping and cook on a budget – plus 24/7 support.


What are you waiting for? Try meal planning with Real Plans for FREE for two weeks and see what you think!

(click here to visit the Real Plans website and start your 14-day trial.)