Have you been chasing migraine food triggers without success?

Did you know that your body’s immune system can have reactions to food that are delayed for hours or even days?

It’s true! No wonder they can be so difficult to pinpoint!

In the interview below, you’ll learn about the best food sensitivity testing for migraine headaches – the LRA test from ELISA/ACT®.

An LRA test measures all three types of delayed sensitivity reactions through lymphocyte activation and is much more comprehensive than standard IgG food sensitivity tests that you have done in the past and totally different from skin-prick food allergy testing that tests for acute allergies.

Video time stamps:

[2:20] How the immune system in our gut works can end up like an overburdened custodian

[4:20] What an LRA test measures and tells us about what is going on in the body

[8:23] Migraine Success Stories

[14:09] FAQs:  “Is it it going to be too hard to give up foods?” and “Do I have to give them up forever?

[16:05] Melissa’s personal journey with exhaustion, migraines and falling through the gaps of the conventional medical system before she discovered her food sensitivities

[20:03] The need to address the causes of gut dysfunction after you’ve cooled down your inflammation – emotional trauma, stress, exposure to mold, pesticides and certain pharmaceuticals.

[24:00] Ordering the tests directly from https://www.betterlabtestsnow.com/ref/44/ (most US states – if you aren’t able to order directly, email us and we will do our best to suggest an alternative).

[24:45] Which test to order for your situation


About my guest:

Melissa Crispell, CNS, CNHP is the Clinical Training Specialist for PERQUE® Integrative Health and ELISA/ACT® Biotechnologies. Learn more about Melissa and her practice at https://melissacrispell.com/ or on Instagram @Melissa_Crispell


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